You can book driving sessions per hour at RS Simulation, either with the single seater tub or the GT chassis, on the track of your choice.

To learn a track,  improve your driving skills, or to rehearse your racing week end and establish your strategy with your engineer, our team would be happy to share their expertise in order to help you in better performance and gain some techniques on the track with MOTEC data and telemetry.


The maximum human field of view is close to 220°. A racing helmet reduces this field of view to 140°to 180° but the driver can turn his head and/or eyes. That’s why we have chosen a hemispherical screen of 220° and of 4.6meters diameter. This massive screen allows us to have real scale graphics and offers the driver a complete sense of immersion.


We ensure confidentiality to our clients. All our customers remain the owners of all informations related to their sessions including data acquisition, laptimed, videos and models which always remain anonymous.

Send us a request to book a session

Session Prices

  • Session 1
    220€ HT
    1h session in our Center (Monaco or Paris)
  • Session 2
    880 € HT
    4h session in our Center (Monaco or Paris)
  • Pack 10h
    2000 € HT
    10h of session in our centers (Monaco or Paris)
  • Pack 20h
    4000 € HT
    20h of session in our centers (Monaco or Paris)
  • Pack 40h
    7200€ HT
    40h of session in our centers (Monaco or Paris)
  • Pack 80h
    12800 € HT
    80h of session in our centers (Monaco or Paris)
  • Session Corporate prices
    Prices on request

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