tracks modelisation

The circuit modelling plays a major role in simulation. At RS Simulation we continuously work to provide the best circuits to our clients both graphically and topologically. We have over a hundred high quality circuits used by the main racing series.

LIDAR track

We have developed our own way of scanning track which allows us to have a precision up to 0.5 cm. We can scan the track and then create the simulation track based on this LIDAR scan.

For the environment, there are two ways of doing it, we can do it based on photos and google earth views or we can scan the environment at the same time we are scanning the track which will give a better result in terms of accuracy of the environment and in terms of visual aspect.

This solution is the best quality that we can offer, all the bumps are exactly like in reality, the tarmac changes are in the track and all the marks (to use as reference for the drivers are the same as the real track).

This solution is used by some of our client, especially in Formula E to prepare as best as possible their races.


Google earth quality

We can build a track based on the information of google earth (or google maps) only, the layout will be ok but the elevation, bumps, change in the tarmac will not be on the simulator track. That’s the lowest track quality that we can offer, it’s a good solution for having an overview of a track but it’s notenough to work on driving or on car setup.

architect plans

We can build a track based on architect plans (FIA plans or other) which will guarantee the layout accuracy, the elevation of the track, the position of the kerbs. The visual graphics can be made based on photos or on google earth view.

This quality is good enough for working on driving and on setup but the bumps and the change of tarmac will not be in the simulation track which can be an issue for setup (for example a bump on braking).

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